Psoas Release Exercises

Self De-armouring

Let’s Kick-Start your Life Force Energy – Psoas Release Exercises (PRE)

 Give your body Lightness, Air and Space 


In this session you will get some techniques to create more air and space in your body (pelvic area). You allow yourself to “shake” and “vibrate” any accrued tension acute loose. The direct result is that you’ll experience more inner peace, tranquility and feeling awake so that you’ll continue your day all tidied up and full of fresh energy.

Let me guide you for kickstarting your Life Force Energy and at the same time shed off some of your stress trapped in your Body. See it as de-armouring your Body all by yourself.

Learn the exercises so eventually you can do it in your own time and at any place you choose to regulate your own daily stress. Till then let me safely guide you and allow yourself to make your first steps. Dropping in deeper and deeper to shake off layer for layer that what is withholding you for expressing who you are fully. Showing your true colors. Shining your light.

Picture yourself in a safe container where you will follow my guidance in doing 8 simple exercises as a work-out for your muscles related to your Psoas muscle. By increasing tension in these muscles your Psoas muscle will start shaking all by itself. And from there I will guide you and hold space for you to go deeper and deeper in your physical, emotional and energetic body to release any stuckness or accumulated stored trauma’s or stress that your body no longer wants to hold on to in a natural way.


 Let your life energy flow freely again 


* Private session live or online
* Wear comfortable and flexible clothes

* €95 for 1,5 hour session
* Book 3 sessions at once / €85 per time