The Living Village

Thai Yoga Massage (Friday 14.30 – 16.00)
You are invited to relax your body and mind while learning some simple and basic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.

During this workshop we will teach you how to give and how to receive, as well as how to keep your own energy flowing while giving and how to benefit while receiving.

Thai Yoga Massage is a special form of bodywork that combines gentle movements with rhythmic pressure point massage and deep yoga stretches. It is a wonderful massage to give and super relaxing to receive: a moving meditation and a beautiful dance between giver & receiver.

Partner Yoga (Saturday & Sunday 10.00 – 11.30)
We invite you to come and relax your body and mind, while learning Partner Yoga and the basic technics of Acro Yoga.

Yoga with a partner will deepen your practice and give it a whole new dimension. You will work with your partner to experience support, motivation and as a mirror.

In this workshop we will start with the Partner Yoga asanas (postures) to warm up the body, followed by a deep dive into the therapeutic form (Lunar) of Acro Yoga. This is where you will learn to Trust, Surrender, Play and Take Care of each other, in a gentle and caring way.

Partner Yoga is a beautiful and rewarding way to work together. You will be able to melt away stress and stiffness, simply by staying present and breathe together.

Partner Yoga & Therapeutic Yoga are powerful tools that will enrich your life and those you share it with.