What did you like most about the Erotic Temple Weekend ?

” Healing of Fear, Self Trust and Joy. Yes! More of this weekend PLEASE ! “

” The common flow of the group, feeling safe by the teachers, allowing to go through trauma’s and to flight. “

” The presence of a company of people willing to be open, authentic and true to their deeper feelings in a safe container provided by two generous guides. “

” The deep trauma work and the inner shifts / transformations that I got from this work. The playfullness and fully being my crazy / beautiful SELF & the loving holding space. ”

” The company, everything that got well explained and flowed from one into the other. “

” Thank you for the open hearted, loving way of showing how pleasure play can be transcended to a totally new level. “

” The build up of the exercises was perfect. The play party came at the right time after the group was ready for it. It was an amazing experience, such wonderfull flow of energy and connection between all participants.”