ConSensual – Temple Weekend 2021

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th of January

‘The Art and Dance of Pleasure Play’

ConSensual; where Consciousness and Sensuality are celebrated in ist full potential.

Delve deep into the art and dance of your pleasure and play! Allow your light & dark sides to erupt in pleasure and heal what blocks the flow to conscious ownership of all your desires!

This weekend is intended for anyone, who wishes to dive deeper into the exploration of their authentic third chakra sexual energy.

We will explore the feeling behind submission and domination, explore
floggers and bondage as the art of total presence and pleasure enenerg in our bodies, as well as healing and pleasure through energetically acting on fantasies.

Open up the treasure box of your desires, learn how to express your wish and consent, and let yourself re-emerge on the other side of your body as a temple.

We will be providing professional guidance in a Tantric consecrated context that will allow you to fully tap into the erotic mystery of “flight energy” and experience pleasure, joy, and heart expansion through playing.

This is a workshop for practical learning and exploration, experiencing, and integrating, with loving support and care for healing processes to happen. You will need to have experience in tantra, self-development, and feel a connection to exploring tantric bdsm.

*** English spoken event

Participation & Accommodation:

Participation: 295 EUR, incl. meals & accommodation

Accommodation is in dormitory style; a simple and very basic solution for sleeping after playing. Please bring your own bedding.

Location & Venue:

Camping Farm ‘t Uilenest in Geldrop, The Netherlands.

Delivered by:

Jonathan Beger – lead facilitator
& Joyce Bosch – facilitator assistant

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Weekend will start on Friday at 1pm with a light lunch together (arrival at 12.30pm) and finish on Sunday at around 3 pm.

Other days will start at 7:30am with a morning program and finish around 11pm.

Cancellation policy:

50% refundable 1 month prior to the event;
25% refundable up to two weeks before the event;
non-refundable two weeks or less before the event.

About Jonathan Beger

Hello, I am Jonathan!

I am your lead facilitator for the Erotic Temple Weekend. I am an international (medial) coach and energy body worker with decades of experience in leading transformational trainings.

My greatest love is in the tantric art of play and pleasure. One of my specialties is putting innocence back into play, as well as the Art and Dance of the 3rd chakra, which I started to live, learn, and teach since 1998. I am a deeply spiritual being and exclusively work in a consecrated space.

I can not wait to delve much deeper with you into the possibilities of complete presence, of power and surrender, of spiraling our pleasure into expanded divine space, and allowing deep healing. Trust, my „toy and story box“ will be coming with me.

About Joyce Bosch

Hello, I am Joyce Bosch!

I will be your facilitator assistant for the Erotic Temple Weekend. I am a Breath- and Body Whisperer and I have been giving sessions and workshops on festivals and retreats since 2012. Much of my work is based on different international teachings enabling the release of Energetic, Emotional and Physical Blockages to balance the energies in your body.

My goal is to give you body awareness and to take you on a journey through Heart, Body and Mind, to wake up your Life Energy and pave the way to Passion, Manifestation and Zest for Life.

In the Erotic Temple Weekend, I will support the expansion and deepening of your personal process to open your body and mind for a deeper connection with yourself and others. I will support you to tap into an Intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing.

Register / more information:

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