Body De-armouring & Emotional Release

Waking up your Life Energy

I am a Bodyworker & Coach and give sessions on festivals and retreats for over 7 years. Much of my work is based on different international teachings on enabling the release of Energetic, Emotional and Physical Blockages to balance the energies in your body. My goal is to give you body awareness and to take you on a journey through Mind, Heart and Body herewith waking up your Life Energy and pave the way for Passion, Manifestation and Zest for Life.

A journey to reconnect to the wisdom of your body

A de-armouring / emotional release session is literally helping the body to release contracted tissue and the emotion that is held within. The aim is a loving and safe release of pain, tensions, blockages, emotional and energetic traumas..

I like to take you on a journey where you trust your body and I follow the energy and feel where it gets blocked. With a blockage I use my voice or drum to encourage your body to release on a deeper level. At the same time I might work intensely on trigger or acupressure points and help you to breathe, sound and move through pain. In this way you can let go, feel free and relieved.

With Enjoy(ce)! you can expect an intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing. Open yourself up to enjoying and living your life to the fullest.

“I booked a session, and got the most wonderful experience! I have had a few massages in my life, but this one was so different. For the first time my brain became in a meditative state. Joyce’s energy and singing caused this. It was wonderful to experience! I am very grateful! First she listened to my needs and then she made magic happen.”


“During the session I felt in the safe hands of an 80 year old Sjamane who took me on a trip. It felt incredible liberating to go through all this under her conscious, loving guidance. You feel just that she knows what she’s doing. The experience blew me of my socks and I am still very grateful! ”


“Joyce session was for me a moment of reconnection to my body, a moment of releasing old pain and it gave me the feeling of being truly held in a very safe environment. Afterwards I felt a storm of peace and connectedness running through my veins that I am still very grateful for today.”


De-armouring / Emotional Release Session
(90 minutes: €150,00 / 120 minutes: €200,00)