After the Erotic Temple Weekend

What an epic weekend it has been

A dedicated group of participants who were super willing to dive deep into their own adventure to blossoming into that unique flower that they are.

A true gift to work together with two amazing men as well.
My love and partner Danny who supports me in everything I do. He was our cook who brought in the Indonesian flavours and spices, not only in the food, for sure in some processes of the participants as well. It is a temendous joy to share this work with him.

And the second man is my partner in crime… Jonathan. He has led this weekend with so much passion, ease, flow and knowledge. I love to co-create with this man so much. I just know that there is an endless source of possibilities for holding & creating future Erotic Temples.

The next one will be scheduled from 22 – 24 January.
Location in the Netherlands to be announced.

* Do you dare to bring out that beautiful flower that is hidden in you as well?
* Join us for the next one.
* Send me a message to reserve your spot.

If you are curious to read what the participants experienced, read here some of their testimonials.

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