A journey to reconnect to the wisdom of your body

Breath- and Body Whisperer

A de-armouring / emotional release session is literally helping the body to release contracted tissue and the emotion that is held within. The aim is a loving and safe release of pain, tensions, blockages, emotional and energetic traumas..

I like to take you on a journey where you trust your body and I follow the energy and feel where it gets blocked. With a blockage I use my voice or drum to encourage your body to release on a deeper level. At the same time I might work intensely on trigger or acupressure points and help you to breathe, sound and move through pain. In this way you can let go, feel free and relieved.

Waking up your Life Energy & Opening up your Heart.

Allow yourself to enjoy more juiciness and bodily pleasure during a Sensual Massage session. The focus is on the awakening of your life energy and the opening up of your heart. When awakened, this energy field can be the beginning of an ecstatic experience and allow trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body. 

‘With Enjoy(ce)! you can expect an intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing. Open yourself up to enjoying and living your life to the fullest.’  

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ♥  

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